Jaime Pablo Díaz

He lives in a permanent professional searching and experimentation, also teaching while conceiving new projects when he is not touring on.
In 2003 he created together with Vicente Colomer his own company: Nova Galega de Danza. His first show, "Alento", was a finalist for the MAX Awards as Best Show Newcomer of 2005. It was followed by "Engado" and "Tradiccion". The company was refreshed once and again with different dancers who enriched the project with their influences over a decade of productions which culminated with "Dez ". Jaime Pablo Díaz leaded the company tours around important festivals and stages in France, China, Portugal and Latin America with many of the shows. All the above ones share a mixing nature as a sign of the choreographer, here being represented as a fusion between traditional and modern.
With the choreographer Carlos Rodríguez Jaime Pablo Diaz brings together a new dance troupe in their latest coproduction "Son" (opening May 27th), and infuses us in an extraordinary mixture of flamenco with traditional, the story shows a sculptor in full inspiration and his relationship with his pieces of crafts.